Software For Clinical Labs to maintain record of patients with accurate test reports Like Biochemistry, Serology, Widal, HB, TLC, DLC, Complete Blood Test etc. Easy to handle, Fast Implementation, Completely customizable with own Tests and formulations.

Generate Accurate Test Reports, Maintain patient records & keep total control over your business with Digit24 Clinical Track-Lab Software. Our E-Lab Software is such a solution that handles your precious data in a very compact and secure method, their is no file system so that your data redundancy is totally minimized. Our E-Lab Software is a very very simple software to operate. There is no need to learn. no need for any training of computers.

Patient entry very simple and very fast, just input patient name, age, gender, refering doctor and contact information of patient. Software automatically picks the current system date and assigns an automatic OPD Number to the patient.

The main crux of Pathology lab is in the printing of patient report. Our e-Lab Software takes care of every aspect related to printing of test report very technically.

Security is key feature in laboratory software. Using our e-Lab software you can define user rights for different users at different condition.

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  • Our e-Lab Software is very simple to operte
  • No need for any training of computers
  • Enter Patient Details and select tests with a single click of mouse
  • Make Test Reportvery fast more faster then excel
  • Maintain Patient Records easily and effortlessly
  • Feed Patient results very fast, more faster then excel
  • Gradient cell Technologies
  • Give your report a very smart and descriptive look with notes
  • Edit Notes at report time
  • Input Complicated test formats like widal in a single click
  • Design Report format without any technical knowledge
  • Design test report on pre-printed stationary or simple format
  • Innovative, Professional and forecasting reports
  • Calculate Doctor’s Profile Sharing
  • Logical and Financial Reports
  • Keep total control over your business
  • Create Test Master, Your way
  • Configure Test Groups as per your formulation
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